From 1952 to the present day, pooling several skills

With great experience in surface treatment, Groupe Recomatic develops, manufactures and commercialises high-tech automatic automatic systems in the field of complex surface finishing in the fields of watch making, luxury goods, medical, aeronautical and other industries.

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The beginnings of RECOMATIC and BULA

1950 - 1990

Marcel Bula and his sons Bernard founded the company BULA & FILS on 2nd May 1952 at Treize-Cantons VD and began their business in a modest 16 square metre workshop.

At the start of 1992, the cousins Martin and Charles Rérat founded the company RECOMATIC at Fahy JU, Switzerland.

Work on building the RECOMATIC factory at Courtedoux began in 1967.

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During its initial years, BULA developed its know-how in the manufacture of polishing, chamfering, turning, verifying, olive-cutting, etc. machines for applications in the fine stone market.

In 1964 BULA turned its strategy to the development and commercialisation of rotary table machines for automatic deburring, emerising, satinising and polishing for various types of industry: automobile – aeronautical – medical – valves and fittings – watch making, etc. and quickly became the reference in the mechanical treatment of surfaces.

In 1965 RECOMATIC was awarded the ‘’médaille d’or’’in the Brussels inventions fair for its patented hydraulic brake.

In 1989, Recomatic was awarded a second prize, the ‘'Médaille de Vermeille’ for the development of a brake for hoists, at the Geneva Inventions fair.

Growing recognition in Switzerland and abroad

1990 - 2000

Bernard BULA , a pioneer in robotics in the eighties with numerous robotised cells; received the "Golden Robot Award" in Stockholm in 1994

In 1997, RECOMATIC was awarded a third trophy, the Innovation prize in the canton of Jura, for the development of a new type of automatic emerising machine: the MEC7

In 1997, Béatrice Bula joined BULA, representing the third generation of the family.

In 1999, the first CNC BULA machines were installed for our customers.

Unprecedented changes

2000 - 2010

In 2003, Christophe and Philippe Rérat, sons of Charles, took over the management of RECOMATIC.

In 2005, Recomatic commercialised its first machines with technology using grinding wheels.

In 2008, RECOMATIC acquired the company BULA Technologie SA to widen its range of products in the field of surface polishing and finishing applications.

Groupe Recomatic expands!

2010 - ...

In 2010 the BULA catalogue was completely revised with the introduction of the POLIGO and micro ranges.

In 2012, RECOMATIC launched the CT500 compact finishing centre which, alongside the current CT501 model, quickly became the reference machine for finishing in the watch making industry.

In 2020, Groupe Recomatic signed a new partnership by its company Swiss Surface.ch SA (SWIS) with the Spanish company GPA INNOVA. SWIS is now the official distributor of DLyte electrolytic polishing machines using the DryLyte technology and Mura machines.

In 2021 there is to be a new building.

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Over 3'000 m2 more are added to the existing premises.. This new building has new basement storage areas, utility and waste management areas, offices for the research and development department together with a new assembly hall for the production of RECO and BULA machines. The total available surface has been increased by around 50%.

The year of the jubilees !


RECO and BULA celebrate their 60 and 70 years of existence.

From 1952 to today... A whole history to discover in video  ➤

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