Towards higher productivity through automation of your machines


Our automation solutions will significantly increase the production capacity and autonomy of your RECO, BULA or SWIS machines.

We can incorporate the most up-to-date technologies on the market for standard or customised solutions to meet your production requirements.


Our standard solution

Workpiece loader "CP"

Loading and unloading workpieces in the machine using linear axes controlled directly by numerical command.
Equipped with an interchangeable rotary table depending on the type of workpiece, enabling workpieces to be pre-loaded for a production cycle without the intervention of the operator.

Range of loaders:

  • CR-CT321for the machine RECO-CT501
  • CR-CT430 for the machine RECO-MR430
  • CR-CT401 for the machine RECO-MR401
  • CP330 for the machine RECO-MS300/310
  • CP BULA-B1 for the machines BULA-POLIGO B1 and microB

RECO-MR430 with  CP430


Robotised cells "CR"

Automation equipped with a FANUC 6 axis robot for handling pallets and workpieces for loading and unloading in the machine.
The cell can be equipped with several modules according to the geometry of the workpieces to be handled.

Range of cells:

  • CR-CT501 for the machine RECO-CT501
  • CR-CT501 for the machine RECO-MR430
  • CR RECO, BULA or SWIS according to your specifications

RECO-CT501 with CR-CT501

RECO-MR430 with  CR-MR430

Custom functionalities

Each workpiece and each process is specific which is why we offer a wide selection of functionalities.

We analyse your requirements so that together, we can set precise specifications to offer you the most suitable solution for your production.


Our standard cells are equipped with the FANUC polar robot.

According to requirements, another type of robot from a different manufacture can be incorporated.

Flexible feed

For applications where the workpieces are bulk processed upstream of the equipment.

Flexible feed for bin picking, compatible with a wide range of workpiece geometries and reduction in production change time.

Vibrating bowl

The vibrating bowl separates and orientates the bulk workpieces in a robotised cell.

The cost of acquiring this solution is lower than for a flexible feed, but on the other hand the diversity of geometry of feedable workpieces is limited.

Changes in production usually mean changes in mechanical parts (chicanes, etc.).

Machine vision

We use machine vision for various inspection, dimensional metrology, precise repositioning and sorting applications.

According to the applications, we work in close collaboration with vision specialists to suitable configure cameras, lenses and lighting.

Turning and re-centring module

Module for re-orienting or re-centring a workpiece after it is first picked by a robot.

Doing this improves the positioning accuracy when changing workpieces on the machine.


The gripper depends on the type of workpiece (shape, weight, etc.) to be manipulated.

Several solutions are possible such as pneumatics or vacuum systems, gripper with 1, 2 or 3 tools.

Quality control drawer

Module for automatically or on demand taking workpieces after machining in a specific place.

This place is in the form of a drawer, and the operator can carry out quality control by sampling without interrupting production.

Blowing model

Module for blowing workpieces after machining to remove grinding oil residues.


Workpieces can be fed in bulk or arranged on pallets. Our concept is based on standardised pallet on which we fix the form inserts

If the side range of existing inserts does not meet your requirements, we can certainly develop customised inserts. We're also used to adapting our modules to your packaging.


The type of palletising can vary according to the customer's pallet, autonomy or production flows.

For our equipment to smoothly integrate your production flows, we give particular importance to choosing the most suitable palletising: passive pallet magazine, layer palletiser, pallet handling by robot, pallet lift, etc.

Pallet conveyor module

If the default autonomy offered proves to be insufficient, we have developed a pallet conveyor module which can feed up to 5 piles of 20 pallets.

It has a loading/unloading station for the operator to feed the machine with pallets without interrupting production.

Although the conveyor module is designed to convey our basic frames, it is perfectly possible to adapt the principle to your packaging.

Barcode reader

Module for reading barcodes to use the information on pallets, for example.

Steam cleaning

Cleaning workpieces or protective coating for polishing by steam projection.