The most audacious timepieces are finished on RECO and BULA machines


The Groupe Recomatic has been accompanying the watch making industry since 1952 in a great many finishing challenges

The quality objectives in the watch sector are unequalled. The expert eye of Quality specialists detect the tiniest imperfections on the surfaces of finely polished or satin-finish components. Our RECO and BULA machines meet the most stringent finishing requirements with all materials such as stainless steel, titanium, precious or semi-precious metals ceramic or sapphire.

Leader since 1952, the Groupe Recomatic is your partner of choice for finishing and embellishment specific to watch making, whether it's for moving parts, dials, crowns and push-buttons, strap components, sapphire faces, backs or case centres.

Perfect geometry with RECO machines

Homogeneous mirror-finish polishing with BULA machines

An experienced team to support you


Grinding on RECO-CT501

Before grinding (blank part with burrs)

After grinding

Polishing on BULA POLIGO B1 / B2 / B3

Before polishing

After polishing

Ceramic grinding on RECO-CT501 or MR430

Blank part

Ground part

Bevelling on RECO-CT501 or MR430

Before bevelling

Bevelled zone

Polishing on BULA POLIGO B1 / B2 / B3

Before polishing

After polishing

Satin finishing on RECO-CT501 or MS310

Before satin finishing

After satin finishing

Our showroom

In our showroom there is a team of multi-disciplinary specialists ready to develop with you the most avant-garde grinding, deburring, polishing, brightening and embellishing processes. Ever-ready to take up new challenges with you.

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