After-sales service

A reputation that's the equal of your requirements

We owe a large part of our reputation to our after-sales service. Our after-sales team of versatile RECO, BULA and SWIS specialists have a great record of availability. We listen to our customers and are highly reactive.

We're thus able to offer high quality services for your RECO, BULA and SWIS equipment always to function perfectly.

Our strengths


  • Reactivity

  • A versatile and well-trained team

  • An after-sales structure set around the Leman arc

  • A permanent wide stock of spare and wear parts


Preventive maintenance

To ensure optimal functioning of your RECO, BULA and SWIS machines, we recommend you to carry out annual preventive maintenance specific to your equipment.

Among the services offered in the preventive maintenance package on our RECO-CT500/501, MR430, MS300/310, MR401 CNC machines, we carry out a Renishaw ballbar diagnosis together with optimisation of the servo axes and spindles through FANUC Servo-Guide.


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Revision of machines

We offer a complete machine revision service.

After our technician has completed a diagnosis, we determine whether the service is possible in your workshops or whether it is preferable to take the machine to our site at Courtedoux.

We have a complete stock of spare and wear parts enabling us to service very old machines. It's not uncommon to see a machine with over 50 years of service returned to our workshops for a facelift!


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Software update

We update the control software of our machines so that you can benefit from our improvements.

You have a RECO, BULA and SWIS machine and want to know more about our updates?


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We provide a minimum of 10 years' service when you purchase a new machine

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If you have any questions about our machines and services, don't hesitate to contact us.

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