RECO machines

Perfect handling of grinding and satin finishing applications

Since 1952 Recomatic machines have been recognised as the reference in polishing preparation for the most delicate applications. 

Recomatic has accompanied the growth of the watch making industry since the turn of the millennium with its MEN4 and MEC7 ranges of grinding machines. Another step forward has been made with the CT500 and CT501 range, considered by specialists in watch finishing as the ideal productive technology in all materials for all the most highly specialised applications.







Centre CNC de terminaison ultra compact et éco-responsable

  • Cinématique 5 axes
  • Conception rigide
  • Evacuation optimale des copeaux


Machine de satinage circulaire

  • Cinématique 4 axes
  • Machine performante
  • Protection complète de la mécanique (capots, soufflets et surpressions)


Compact CNC finishing centre

  • 6 digital axes 5 of which are simultaneous
  • High rigidity enables hard materials to be machined
  • 2 versions of tool spindle, 18'000 or 60'000 rpm


Banc de polissage

  • Choix de position de travail avec un réglage électrique de la hauteur (BP155)
  • Accès rapide au filtre à poussière (filtre aux dimensions standard)
  • Aspiration avec variateur intégré en standard


CNC grinding and lapping machine

  • 5 digital axes 4 of which are simultaneous
  • Fast operation, reducing cycle times
  • High rigidity enables hard materials to be machined


CNC grinding machine

  • 4 simultaneous digital axes
  • Double tool spindle for machining between lugs and watch case sides simultaneously
  • Spring bar hole drilling


CNC satinising machine

  • 4 or 5 numerical axes according to model
  • Device with 2 orientable abrasive belts
  • Extremely compact volume and dimensions of the machine


Polishing bench

  • Choice of working position with electric height adjustment (BP310)
  • Quick access to the dust filter for easy maintenance (Standard size filters)
  • Optimisation of space thanks to perfect interlocking benches


Manual finishing machine

  • High precision spindle with Schaublin type W20 collet
  • Manually adjustable feeding speed
  • Premier quality mechanical and electrical components


Manual finishing machine

  • Manual or semi-automatic work modes
  • High precision spindle with Schaublin type W20 collet
  • Feeding speed adjustable manually or automatically with pre-programmed cycles


Grinding machine

  • Digital Z axis with linear motor force-controlled during machining, to avoid chipping
  • With 3 linear axes and 1 rotary axis with manual adjustment
  • 2 versions of tool spindle, 19'500 or 60'000 rpm


Manual lapping machine

  • Rotation speed adjusted by potentiometer with digital display
  • 2 high rotation precision spindles
  • Disk protection cover

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