Circular satin-finishing machine

CNC machine with 4 simultaneous axes for the circular satin-finishing of watch components. This machine is able to perform numerous satin-finishing operations with high precision and great repeatability, thanks to the perfect monitoring of the machining force.

  • Satin-finishing

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  • 4 axis cinematics
  • High performance machine
  • Complete protection of the mechanical components (covers, bellows and over-pressurization)
  • Optimized cleaning of the surfaces
  • C rotary axis: workpiece spindle & sensitive slide
  • B rotary axis: 4 tool spindles
  • Dressing of the grinding wheels: Retractable cutter
  • Dimensions: 1.1 x 1.7 x 2.2 m



  • Operation: Satin-finishing
  • Materials: Stainless steel, titanium, precious metals
• Watch cases
• Backs
• Bezels
• etc.
• Retractable dressing tool embedded on X axis, modular dressing interface
• Yerly Y60 tooling, machining force monitoring (max. 30 N)
• Sensitive and friction-free crossing slide
• 4 synchronous spindles
• Speed range: 10 to 5,000 rpm
• "Manual" HSK-C25 interface
• Controlled air blasting
• External satin-finishing
• Internal satin-finishing
• Satin-finishing of the undersides of the lugs
• Dressing of the front of the grinding wheel (quill configuration)
• Dressing of the grinding wheel Ø (arbor configuration)
• Dressing of shaped grinding wheels (quill configuration)