Compact CNC finishing centre

6-axis multifunction CNC machine, including 5 simultaneous axes for finishing and preparation of complex surfaces, including among other things, grinding and satin-finishing operations. In a single clamping operation, it is able to carry out multiple machining operations for various types of components for watches, medical, aeronautical and many other applications.

  • Grinding
  • Lapping
  • Satin-finishing
  • Milling

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Stainless steel grinding

Before grinding (blank workpiece with burrs)

After grinding

Ceramic grinding

Blank workpiece

Ground workpiece

Grinding complex shapes

Before grinding

After grinding


  • 6 digital axes 5 of which are simultaneous
  • High rigidity enables hard materials to be machined
  • 2 versions of tool spindle, 18'000 or 60'000 rpm
  • 20 position tool magazine
  • Device with 2 pivoting abrasive belts
  • Numerically controlled cooling
  • Wide choice of options and devices
  • Designed for integration with a centralised filtration system
  • Automatic wheel dressing in the machine



  • Suitable for workpieces from Ø20...80 mm
  • Fanuc 30iB control
  • ISO programming with macro assistance
• Watch strap component
• Rings
• Sapphire watch crystals
• Belt buckle
• Cufflinks
• Lighters
• Watch crown/push button
• Watch back/bezel
• Watch caseband
• Pens
• Prostheses, etc.
Number of axes (simultaneous) 6 (5)      
  Travel Max. speed Linear axis X 565 mm 30 m/min
Linear axis YM 360 mm (spindle)30 m/min    
Linear axis YB 350 mm 30 m/min    
Linear axis Z 280 mm 30 m/min    
Rotary axis B 270° (depending on tool) 83 rpm    
Rotary axis C (modulo) 360° (spindle) 275 m/min⁻¹    
Two spindle versions available        
Spindle version (Max. speed) 18'000 rpm 60'000 rpm    
Max. tool diameter Ø100 mm Ø250 mm Ø150 mm  
Overall tool geometry 150 mm 150 mm    
Nominal power 16.5 kW 6.5 kW    
Clamping system HSK-F80 HSK-E32    
Cooling system Water circuit
Type of tool Grinding wheels, lapping disk, milling tools and drills
Type of drive Motor torque
Theoretical accuracy/ repetitiveness ± 4 sec/± 1 sec
C axis speed 1'400 pm
Number of belt devices 2
Belt dimensions (standard) 50 x 1'500 mm
Belt dimensions (option) 50 x 3'000 mm
Machining angle (manually orientable) 0...90°
Belt rotation speed 0...19 m/s
Types of tool Rollers or sole plates
Tool specifications Rollers Sole plates
As standard Ø10...49 mm Flat
On demand Larger Ø Shaped
MaterialPolyurethane Hard metal  
Type of lubricant (machining fluid) Grinding oil
Dimensions L/D/H 2'200/2'150/2'370 mm
Empty weight ~4'600 kg
• Quick change workpiece gripping tool system (Yerly, Mecatool)
• Renishaw system
• Automatic loading/unloading with workpiece loader CP321
• Automatic loading/unloading with with robotised cell,CR-CT501
• Rotary abrasive belt device CNC interpolable
• Springbar hole drilling unit
• Tool setting probe BLUM Z-Pico
• High pressure spray
• MPM balancing system
• Air extraction and filtration
• Cutting fluid filtration system


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