BULA machines

Leader in polishing and deburring machines

Since 1952, BULA machines have continuously revolutionized the fields of aesthetic and technical finishing. A spirit of constant innovation led to the creation of the famous rotating table, programmable or indexed, which is still unequalled today in terms of productivity.

In 2008, Bula Technologie joined Groupe Recomatic, still offering rotating table machines, the POLIGO machine range with FANUC numerical control and the micro range of compact machines. 







POLIGO-B2 (2022)

Machine transfert automatique CNC modulaire de finition

  • Configuration de la machine en fonction des besoins
  • Précision, répétabilité, productivité et convivialité
  • Optimisation des temps de changement de série


Modular automatic transfer CNC finishing machine

  • Machine configuration according to your requirements
  • Precision, repeatability and user-friendliness
  • Graphic programming assistant with dynamic display of the contact point on the machine and offline


Modular automatic transfer CNC finishing machine

  • 3 to 5 CNC units for carrying out different operations simultaneously
  • High rates can be achieved
  • Machine configuration according to your requirements


Automatic finishing machine with rotating table

  • Compact monobloc machine equipped with 4 work units
  • Production can reach up to 1,800 workpieces/hour
  • Programmable rotating table equipped with 12 or 18 workpiece holder spindles


Smoothing and deburring machine

  • Replaces tedious manual operation
  • Easy to use
  • Unequalled productivity - quality ratio

microB range

Emerising and satinising transfer machines

  • MicroB: material removal by absolute dimension control of apply force of the controlled pad
  • MicroB-CNC: control of material removal or absolute dimension through a numerical axis
  • MicroB-S: Decorative finish "lengthwise satinising" or "straight graining"


Automatic finishing machine with rotating table

  • Ergonomic work station
  • Workpieces loaded in concurrent time
  • Simplified application of polishing compound controlled by MMI or by operator


Automatic carding machine

  • Carding with no risk of injury to the operators in a dust-free environment
  • Uniform and regular brush preparation
  • Various carding tools available