Group synergy turned to the future

Groupe Recomatic made up of Recomatic SA, Bula Technologie SA and SA is leader in the manufacture of surface finishing machines.

Present in the cradle of thewatch making industry but also in the medical, aeronautical, luxury and all high-tech industries, Groupe Recomatic is the partner of choice for all complex surface finishing problems.

The three companies in the group complement each other with the constant aim of customer satisfaction.


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With its range of RECO machines, Recomatic SA is the specialist in surface finishing in the luxury watch making world.

With RECO machines and finishing centres, surface geometries are controlled and polishing becomes easy.

The RECO finishing centres can be used for numerous operations on a workpiece in a single clamping, such as grinding, spring bar hole drilling, deburring, bevelling, milling and satinising, thereby enabling perfect quality and precision and reducing the number of setup operations.

To offer a complete range and meet the specific requirements of its watch making customers, machines have been developed to carry out circular satinising for flanges, crystal seatings and lug undersides and for sapphire crystal finishing operations. 

The machine range is advantageously completed by autonomous manual polishing stations.


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Afin de proposer une gamme complète et de répondre aux besoins spécifiques de sa clientèle horlogère, des machines ont été dévelopées pour réaliser des opérations de satinage circulaire pour les réhauts, assises glace et dessous de cornes et pour des opération de terminaison des glaces saphir. 

Les postes de polissage manuel autonomes complètent avantageusement le portefeuille machine.


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RECO applications

  • Grinding
  • Satinising
  • Milling
  • Polishing
  • Manual

Bula Technologie SA sets itself apart by its modular automatic transfer finishing machines for all types of industry.

Bula machines can be used to carry out several varied surface treatment operations simultaneously and can be adapted to different workpieces with quick settings.

Our machines can be used for so applications that it is not possible to make a mist of potential users. Here are a few examples of common applications:

  • The automobile industry (Accessories, mechanical parts)
  • Aeronautics (Turbines)
  • General engineering (Pumps, gas valves, gears, tool clamping devices, etc.)
  • Watch making, jewellery
  • Luxury industry (writing instruments, lighters, cufflinks, cosmetic packaging, musical instruments, etc.)
  • Leatherware
  • Medical and dental (implants, screws, instruments)

BULA studies every request with the aim of specifically meeting your requirements.

Machines in the BULA range are highly complementary to RECO machines.


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BULA applications

  • Polishing
  • Brightening
  • Brushing
  • Felt polishing
  • Deburring
  • Smoothing
  • Carding SA, with machines in the SWIS range, complete the know-how of RECO and BULA with dry electrolytic polishing and deburring. is the exclusive distributor of DLyte and Murua machines.

DLyte machines use the patented DryLyte technology for dry electrolytic polishing to achieve high quality surface states or appearance. This innovatory technology is particularly useful in the fields of 3D printing manufacture and components with complex shapes.

Murua machines are used for polishing precious metals and brass. They are particularly suitable for cast parts, jewellery bezels or parts with complex geometry.


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SWIS applications

Electrochemical polishing and deburring

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