Grinding wheels

An efficient and proven grinding wheel gluing service

The grinding quality on RECO machines is only achieved by a total mastering of all the parameters involved. In particular it is essential that all of the three main factors, namely: the machine, the grinding wheels and the coolant are perfectly matched.

To this end we offer a complete grinding wheel gluing service to guarantee that your consumables are always up to the job.


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1 | Reception of the worn grinding wheel
2 | Release the worn grinding wheel from the spindle
3 | Clean the surface of the spindle
4 | Adhesive on the surface of the spindle
5 | Mount and glue the new grinding wheel
6 | Cut the grinding wheel to the required dimensions
7 | Balance the grinding wheels and rupture test
8 | Package and shipping of the new grinding wheels



After gluing, 100% of grinding wheels are balanced to EC standards.



After gluing, 100% of grinding wheels are tested to rupture to EC standards.



100% of glued grinding wheels have a marking system allowing their origin, the date and the person who carried out the gluing to be identified.



The glue used ensures optimum and durable adhesion over time. This is using whole oil or soluble oil cooling.



All spindles returned to us are inspected and refurbished if necessary, to ensure optimum precision of the glued assembly.



Purposely designed packaging is used for transporting the grinding wheel under the best conditions.



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