Certified finish for your patients' health


Medical device manufacturers have relied on our machines for decades

Whether it's implantable devices such as orthopaedic prostheses (knee, hip, shoulder or other), surgical screws and plates, stents, dental implants or mechanical devices such as orthopaedic or dental milling machines, surgical or dental instruments, the degree of finish of the surfaces of each component must be meticulously controlled.

Our RECO, BULA and SWIS machines guarantee you precision and repeatability certification for your automatic finishing processes and facilitate certification.

Automated finishing processes

Perfectly controlled repeatability

An experienced team to support you


Grinding on RECO-CT501 or MR430

Before grinding

After grinding

Polishing on BULA POLIGO B1 / B2 / B3

Before polishing

After polishing


Our Applications and Training department has advanced metrology facilities such as the ALICONA control machine to check the surface states before and after finishing processes.

Machines for the medical industry