CNC Polishing, deburring and brushing machine

Monobloc machine equipped with two CNC work units each with 5 simultaneous interpolable axes and a 4-position indexed rotating table. It enables workpieces to be loaded/unloaded in masked time. Compact, flexible and modular, it offers quality and regularity for small, medium and large series.

  • Felt polishing
  • Brushing
  • Brightening
  • Smoothing
  • Satin-finishing
  • Polishing
  • Milling
  • Emery polishing
  • Deburring

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  • Machine configuration according to your requirements
  • Precision, repeatability, productivity and user-friendliness
  • Optimized changeover of production jobs
  • Automatic management of the polishing compound (solid or liquid)
  • Separated automatic loading / unloading station (option)
  • Loading / unloading of parts in masked time
  • Automation with standard or custom-made solutions (option)


  • Fanuc control with colour touch screen for entering data
  • Toolpath learning by teach-in with mobile control panel
  • Toolpaths generated by FAO can be imported
  • Enables programs to be built easily without using ISO code
  • Oscillation possible on all axes
  • Units can be independently programmed
Ø max. 100 mm
Max. height 100 mm
Max. weight 1 kg
Other dimensions; weight on demand
Examples of applications:
• Watch strap components
• Blades
• Various watch components
• Sapphire watch crystals
• Belt buckles
• Cufflinks
• Lighters
• Bearing cages
• Cam for injection system
• Clutch drum
• Dental implant posts
• Pen bodies
• Watch crown/push button
• HSK clamping socket
• Coins/medals
• Jewellery parts
• Leatherwork parts
• Door handles
• Steering linkage ball joint
• Orthopaedic parts
Dimensions Ø700 mm
Indexing 90°
Number of workpiece holder spindles 4
Number of axes 7 (5)  
  Travel Max. speed
Linear axis X 220 mm 10 m/min
Linear axis Y 220 mm 10 m/min
Linear axis Z 250 mm 10 m/min
Rotary axis A 135° -45° - +90°
Rotary axis W (option) 180 mm  
• Cylindrical brushing unit (standard)
• Gyroscopic brushing unit
• Satinising/emerising
• Orbital brushing unit
• Interior polishing unit
Number of work units 2
Dimensions L/D/H 2'065/2'368/2'276 mm
Empty weight 1'800 kg
Installed power 11 kW
Air pressure (consumption) 6 bar (50 NL/h)
• Internal polishing unit
• HSK32 tooling
• Dynamic laser measuring of the tool diameter
• Automatic loading/unloading system
• Orientable spindle at loading/unloading station with additional rotary axis
• Dry working or with coolant
• Automation for loading/unloading of parts


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