Automatic polishing, deburring & brushing machine with rotating table

Automatic machine with rotating table equipped with 4 work units and 12 or 18 spindles, particularly well suited to high production rates.

  • Brushing
  • Brightening
  • Polishing
  • Deburring

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Perfume bottles

Before polishing

After polishing

Padlocks for leather goods

Before polishing

After polishing


  • Compact monobloc machine equipped with 4 work units
  • Production can reach up to 1,800 workpieces/hour
  • Programmable rotating table equipped with 12 or 18 workpiece holder spindles
  • Workpieces loaded in concurrent time
  • Automatic polishing compound management
  • Machine controlled by PLC with mobile control panel and user interface
  • Optimised series setup changing time with quick-change consumable and tool system
  • Integral protection cabin with access doors for easy adjustment and series changing


  • Machine control with Siemens PLC
  • Programming, recipe management and machine control by mobile control panel with operator interface
  • Siemans PLC to control the rotating table, the X and Z axes, the brush speeds, the workpiece holder spindles, the vertical and horizontal wear compensation and polishing compound controls
Ø max. 150 mm
Max. height 200 mm
Max. weight 2 kg
Other dimensions; weight on demand
Examples of applications:
• Watch strap components
• Blades
• Various watch components
• Sapphire watch crystals
• Belt buckles
• Cufflinks
• Lighters
• Bearing cages
• Cam for injection system
• Clutch drum
• Dental implant posts
• Pen bodies
• Watch crown/push button
• HSK clamping socket
• Coins/medals
• Jewellery parts
• Leatherwork parts
• Door handles
• Steering linkage ball joint
• Orthopaedic parts
Table control continuous or indexed  
Dimensions Ø800 mm  
Table speed 0.3...5 rpm  
Number of spindles 6 (standard) 12 or 18 (option)
Spindle speed 24...340 rpm  
Number of work units 4
Brush dimensions Ø300/35 x 100 (Ø350/35 x 100)
Rotation speed 600…2'800 rpm
Power 3 kW
X axis travel (wear and position) 130 mm
Z axis travel (wear and position) 230 mm
Dimensions L/D/H 3'750/2'140/2'350 mm
Empty weight 4'450 kg
Installed power 21 kW
• Rotating table with 12 or 18 workpiece-holder spindles
• Liquid abrasive compound distribution
• Solid abrasive compound distribution (blocks Ø60 x 180 mm)
• Abrasive belt device100 x 2000 mm on demand
• Automatic centre point for holding long workpieces
• Vacuum or pneumatic clamping


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