Automatic carding machine

Functional, accessible, user-friendly machine for carding brushes up to a diameter of 300 mm with no risk of injury to the operator.

  • Carding

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  • Carding with no risk of injury to the operators in a dust-free environment
  • Uniform and regular brush preparation
  • Various carding tools available
  • Arbor with HSK-40 modular chuck to adapt to other socket formats.
  • Carding brushes of Ø120 to Ø300 mm



  • Brush carding to the desired dimension by a comb fixed on a manually pushed slide
  • To-and-fro motion of the comb ensures a uniform diameter over the width of the brush - Adjustable travel
  • Device for quick clamping of the socket
  • Chuck for mounting brushes
Ø max. 120...300 mm / 80 mm (option)
Max. width 130 mm
Rotation speed 1'400 rpm
Type of clamping Quick change system BULA
Slide Manual
Dimensions L/D/H 970/870/1'230 mm
Empty weight 350 kg
Installed power 3.5 kW
Connection for dust remover 1 x Ø 120 mm
• Roughing card for compound-free cotton
• Finishing card with comb, for compound-free cotton
• Finishing card with MD plate for compound-coated cotton
• Socket holder pin to measure
• Modular pin mounted on HSK 40
• Led work lamp


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